Deployment options

Match your deployment option to your evolving strategy

Don’t lock yourself into a partnership with an expiration date. We offer multiple and interchangeable deployment options – from traditional or customisable SaaS, PaaS, to buying software licenses to use in-house: on-premise or in the cloud.

Deployment models


With time-critical issues such as speed-to-market, not everyone has the resources available to build and operate their own processing centre. Our SaaS model offers a quick, affordable way for you to launch modern, differentiating services to the market by harnessing the power of our award-winning, third-generation platform, TranzAxis. Maintained completely by us, we can do all the heavy lifting and completely oversee your system for you, without the costs of conventional models. The multi-tenanted architecture of SaaS enables the secure delivery of payment software to numerous customers at the same time, leading to economies of scale and cost benefits that we can pass on to you. As a SaaS supplier, money saving isn’t the only benefit we share. Used by both our processing and software licence customers across the world, TranzAxis benefits from international R&D, and this functionality becomes readily available to you if it piques your interest.

With traditional SaaS models, there is a trade-off between faster time-to-market and cost savings and the capability to customise and therefore differentiate. Compass Plus Technologies offers a SaaS model that covers the best of both worlds. The cutting-edge architecture of TranzAxis and its unrivalled customisation capabilities means you can have a system that perfectly aligns with your business requirements on a SaaS platform. With this deployment option, you can also find a range of tools to allow you a considerable degree of vendor independence, control and operational flexibility.


Our PaaS model combines the best of both SaaS and owning your own open development payments platform that you can expand and build on as your business evolves. Not to be confused with standard hosting models, PaaS eliminates the complexity and expense of buying, implementing, maintaining and upgrading all the software components needed for running your certified and compliant system. Backed by award-winning technology, TranzAxis, PaaS provides everything from out-of-the-box options to your own development environment where you can create your own business logic to introduce new objects to the system.

The combination of today’s agile culture and advancements in development methodology over the last decade has exposed the need for a more holistic approach to the end-to-end software delivery lifecycle. Our processing centre offers continuous delivery practices by providing best-in-class DevOps.

As PaaS customers, you have full control over your application running on a dedicated instance, which means you can follow your own release cycle and implement functional modifications, plus enjoy all the advantages of having your own on-premises system, minus the cost. Our PaaS deployment model gives you the ability to try, test and deploy new customisations at your own pace, with support from our team of experts available as and when you need it.

A key advantage of this model is that it allows your developers to keep their primary focus on building functionality for your customers, and ultimately growing your business.


For FIs with the resources, experience and capabilities, who are ready to take full operational ownership, a license model may be a better strategic fit as it significantly increases control and offers independence from a processor. Having a license from Compass Plus Technologies will not hinder your strategic vision in any way in terms of products, services, geographies, capacities, or infrastructure.

With traditional license models, FIs will still find themselves at the mercy of the vendor’s priorities and roadmap, which is why many believe the only way to complete independence is to build in-house or buy the source code – both of which come with their own set of complexities. With TranzAxis, there is no need to compromise in order to set your own priorities and launch differentiating products to your own timeframes. The flexible nature of the platform gives you all of the advantages of having your own system without any of the negatives. The layered architecture of TranzAxis takes customisation to a whole new level by enabling you to access the same developer tools we use as a vendor, making it inherently vendor independent. We concentrate on keeping the integrity of the core system and the intricacies of compliance, mandates, etc., so you solely focus on your core revenue-generating business activities.


The majority of both established and new vendors in the industry today struggle with offering multiple and interchangeable deployment options. Not only can Compass Plus Technologies offer you a multitude of deployment models, you can also take advantage of a hybrid approach, whereby you can hand-pick the mix of deployment options that best suit your business at any specific time.

For example, you may choose to start with the SaaS deployment model, then move toward PaaS to gain more independence, or skip this step and move the differentiating parts of your business in-house. You may also opt to reverse the flow and having purchased a license, make the move to outsourcing, PaaS or SaaS, depending on real-world challenges or as a strategic play.

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