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Unified Payments taps Compass Plus Technologies for its new payment gateway platform to future-proof its e-commerce acquiring business
Unified Payments (UP), Nigeria’s premier financial technology service provider, has successfully launched its e-commerce gateway services built on the new state-of-the-art payment gateway platform from Compass Plus Technologies.
South Africa: How banks and Fintechs can encourage participation in the digital economy
Given the challenges related to infrastructure, interoperability, and financial literacy, the ongoing efforts to foster trust in digital financial services within South Africa's informal market have yet to see a reduction in cash transactions. However, it is within the informal economy that financial inclusion initiatives make the biggest impact. So, how can banks and Fintechs effectively incentivise individuals to transition away from cash and actively engage in the digital economy?
Case study
Klarna Group: Implementing a flexible system to future-proof business and aid global expansion
Klarna required a flexible and customisable third-party solution to replace its in-house platform that would enable easy system development, the ability to create new products quickly and grow the business on a global scale.
Press release
TransBank migrates its entire CMS on to Compass Plus Technologies platform in just 2 months
TransBank’s decision to migrate its card management system to TranzAxis was driven by its desire to bring its card operations in-house, empowering the bank to independently develop and launch customer-centric card products and services at greater speeds.
Three ways BNPL can benefit FIs and PSPs
In this blog, we explore three key reasons why BNPL would be a valuable addition to any FI’s or PSP’s payments portfolio and the advantages they will see from incorporating it into their business strategy.
Buy now pay later in Southeast Asia: How banks can make their move in the market
Buy now pay later (BNPL) is not a new concept, yet BNPL - as we know it today - has exploded globally over the last few years. In Southeast Asia, the alternative payment method is gaining ground, driven largely by the region’s high internet penetration as well as its substantial younger mobile-first generation. Here, the market is dominated by merchant-focussed offerings from specialised fintechs and established players. However, as a market expected to be worth US$92 million in Southeast Asia by 2025, it is not surprising that banks across the region are considering adding BNPL solutions to their arsenal - the question is, how?