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Press release
AccesBanque migrates ATM acquiring and card management businesses to Compass Plus Technologies processing centre
AccesBanque Madagascar has successfully migrated its ATM acquiring and card management businesses to Compass Plus Technologies’ processing centre. The move enables the bank to further expand its business offering and launch new products and services at pace.
Case study
Moneybase: Becoming Malta's first digital platform for payments and investments
Moneybase turned to Compass Plus Technologies to enhance its payments offering and launch a Mastercard issuing solution – this coincided with the development of the Moneybase app – to allow customers to manage their finances and have full control over their cards all in one place.
Selecting a new issuing and acquiring processor: What's on your shopping list?
Selecting a new payments processor is a complex task, made more so by the fact that, on the surface, the majority of processors in the market today appear to cover all the bases, with very little between them other than branding and price. We can all acknowledge that the processor an FI decides to partner with will be instrumental to the success of its payments business, so what should be on their shopping list when looking to determine if a processor is the right fit?
Press release
GPC and Compass Plus Technologies celebrate 10 years of ground-breaking payments innovation
Global Processing Centre (GPC), one of the largest payments processors in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Compass Plus Technologies, an international provider of retail banking and electronic payments software, are celebrating 10 years of successful collaboration.
Three ways to get the most out of your ATM: A spotlight on LAC
The culture surrounding ATMs in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region today is unlike those found in other markets, especially in comparison with Europe and the US, where ATMs are mostly used as cash machines for withdrawals, deposits and the occasional mobile top-up.
White paper
Model behaviour - Is your payments processor the right fit?
In our latest white paper in collaboration with Consult Hyperion, we explore the capabilities of the SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) delivery models, how they differ and how an FI can select the most appropriate model – and processor – for its product portfolio.