Going cashless, country by country
Multiple countries are locked in the battle to become the world’s first truly cashless nation; for others, becoming cashless is necessary due to unique local circumstances. Either way, it is well known that cash is being phased out across large portions of the globe.
Compass Plus survey finds over 60s increasingly rely on card payments
A recent survey into consumer expectations of the payments market conducted by Compass Plus has revealed that the generation of consumers over 60 is increasingly relying on card as their primary payment method.
Know your audience: why age matters in banking
Bethan Cowper, AVP, Market Development & Business Support, discusses why age matters when analysing consumer banking behaviour.
UK: Half of all debit transactions are contactless
This week, UK Finance reported that in July half of all debit card transactions were contactless, accounting for 647 million taps – a major milestone in the technology’s timeline.
Compass Plus at 30: facts & figures
For the second blog in our ‘turning 30’ series, we’ve decided to share some of the most interesting facts about Compass Plus.
Compass Plus at 30: Looking Back
This year we’re turning 30. Birthdays are a cause for celebration and reflection and, as such, we’ve decided to take a look back on the last three decades and how we’ve changed – as a team and as a business.
Digital banking: security and convenience are top priorities for Europe
A recent Mastercard survey has revealed that digital banking is the number one preference for European consumers’ daily banking needs.
Are banks ready for digital transformation?
The banking industry is undergoing major changes. Customer expectations are higher than ever, competitive fintech startups are growing and new regulations are emerging. In the world of shared services and connected economies, how do financial organisations battle this storm?
Sysadmin is a calling, not a profession
This July, system administrators and their colleagues around the world will be celebrating the 20th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day - an event created to show appreciation for the hard work of sysadmins and other IT workers.
Contactless fraud in Denmark
With fraudsters looking for fresh ways to exploit consumers as the adoption of digital payments continues to increase globally, The European Fraud Report has revealed that Denmark has been named as Europe’s frontrunner for fraud that occurs after a card has been lost or stolen.