Unibank launches in-house card personalisation centre

At the end of November 2018, one of the largest private banks in Azerbaijan, Unibank, completed the migration of its personalisation centre from several third-party solutions to an in-house card personalisation centre built on Compass Plus Technologies solutions. 

Сompleted within a short timeframe, the project enabled Unibank to implement centralised card issuance and offer the option of delivering PIN codes to bank customers via SMS – when а new card is issued and activated.

The flexibility and reliability of both the software and the vendor's approach to project implementation, as well as commercial aspects, were the key factors for us when choosing a vendor to launch an in-house card personalisation centre. With the professional approach of the Compass Plus team, we completed this project within a short timeframe and in compliance with all industry standards. Today, we are 100% sure that we made the right choice,” said Farid Mammadzade, CIO at Unibank.

Unibank is our fifth customer in Azerbaijan. We are very pleased that over the years Compass Plus has managed to build and maintain a good reputation through projects like this. We are looking forward to extending our long-term partnership with Unibank and working on other successful innovative projects,” said Alexey Osipov, EVP at Compass Plus.