Compass Plus and Finextra help FIs ‘cut through the noise’

Compass Plus has teamed up with independent newswire and information source for the worldwide financial technology community, Finextra, to launch a new impact study: ‘Cut through the noise: 5 key considerations when selecting your payments platform’.

With financial institutions across the globe under pressure to evolve digitally and offer more innovative products and services to customers, they are turning to the world of software vendors to help them achieve these objectives and future-proof their businesses. However, it can be difficult for FIs to cut through the marketing vernacular and build a clear understanding of the vendor’s and payments platform’s capabilities -and ultimately whether they truly suit the FI’s needs.

The impact study sets out the key considerations FIs must make to effectively deploy their strategy. From avoiding outdated assumptions, outlining clear objectives, steering clear of industry buzzwords, to asking the right questions, these fundamental tools will only assist financial organisations in their journey to enhance or transform their digital offering.

You can read the full impact study here.