Quipu introduces Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay to Ecuador

As part of a project to offer its customers convenient and safe ways to make payments on the go, Banco ProCredit Ecuador, with support from Quipu, has become the first bank in the country to offer its clients the possibility of making payments through Garmin and Fitbit watches.

Banco ProCredit Ecuador customers can now add their Mastercard payment card to their smart watch and make payments for goods and services using Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay. The project, which went live in just two months, was driven forward by the bank’s desire to digitally transform and offer its customers more accessible and contact-free payment options.

“We are pleased to support Banco ProCredit Ecuador in becoming the first bank in the country to offer these payment options. With Garmin and Fitbit increasing in popularity in the country, facilitating these payments methods was a logical step for the bank, commented Eugenio Marengo, Global Head of Processing Centre at Quipu, the processor for the banks in the ProCredit Group. “Our aim is to continue to support our partners in shaping the payments landscape in the countries they operate in, which we do by offering innovative solutions suitable for each specific situation. We will continue to support customers worldwide in their digital transformation journeys.”

Quipu has been running its processing centre on Compass Plus software since 2004 and delivers processing services, as well as personalisation facilities, to 30 financial institutions across 11 time zones.

Eugenio Marengo added: “Compass Plus offers us a versatile platform, which allows us to deliver the services we need to support the digital transformation of our customers. The technological readiness they offer us enabled us to deliver this project in record time.”