Nuran Bank selects Compass Plus Technologies to deliver enhanced mobile-first experiences to customers

Nuran Bank, a universal bank based in Libya that offers processing services to retail and SME markets, has gone live with Pocket Bank, a next generation mobile banking solution from Compass Plus Technologies. The move places the entirety of Nuran Bank’s customer’s cards, accounts and other services conveniently at their fingertips, empowering them to easily and securely manage their banking products. 

Nuran Bank wanted create a slick mobile banking experience that would enable it to expand its digital offering and deliver new products and services to its customers at greater speeds. Pocket Bank, a new cutting-edge mobile banking solution from Compass Plus Technologies, emerged as the ideal solution to meet these requirements as it removed the headaches and complexities the bank would encounter when trying to quickly develop and launch a mobile banking app.

The highly customizable nature of Pocket Bank enables Nuran Bank to launch new services astonishingly quickly and offer bespoke features to its customers to improve their experience. These bespoke features enable the app to offer a quick, easy and secure registration process and improves the user journey, creating a seamless and fluid experience. One of its most interesting features is the app’s ‘guest login’ that allows non-bank customers to access the app and search for exchange rates, branch and ATM locations, providing Nuran Bank with a new channel to engage with and attract potential customers.

Mohammed Ibrahim Gshash, Executive Director at Nuran Bank, said “The world is becoming increasingly digital and with the launch of our new mobile banking app, we can offer our customers better digital experiences when it comes to making payments and managing their finances. Having partnered with Compass Plus Technologies previously to launch our internet banking services, we have first-hand experience working with them and trust them to help support our future goals.”

Rustam Bagautdinov, Key Account Manager at Compass Plus Technologies, said: “It’s great to be working with a forward-thinking institution like Nuran Bank who is constantly striving to further improve its digital offering. Today’s consumers have high expectations of mobile banking apps and are demanding better experiences. Pocket Bank is positioned perfectly to enable Nuran Bank to reduce its time-to-market when deploying new products and services, and better meet the needs of their local markets.”