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Don’t be locked-down, locked-in or locked-out: Three red flags to look out for when selecting a modern payments platform
When it comes to payments platform modernisation strategies, there is a lot more to consider than just investing in newer technology. Whilst the industry-wide call to modernise legacy payments platforms gains momentum, in this digital-first landscape, there is a lot more to consider than like-for-like replacements. Making the right decisions when upgrading matters as much, if not more than the decision to upgrade in itself.
The state of banking & payments 2021: How consumer habits have changed
During the first half of 2021, Compass Plus Technologies conducted a two-part survey to delve into how UK consumer habits have changed in payments and banking. Participants were asked questions relating to the way they make payments, the security of various payment methods, emerging trends, their current banking habits, and the way their behaviours are likely to change in the future.
TranzAxis and the payments industry
Over the past 10 years, TranzAxis has cemented itself as one of the most innovative payments platforms in the world. Our latest eBook delves into the history and evolution of the payments industry as whole, exploring why TranzAxis was built and where it fits into the modern day payments landscape.
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How digital platforms and super apps can power up traditional banks
As technologies develop, consumers’ capacity to adapt keeps improving. Most people weren’t comfortable with land-line phones until the 1930s, 50 years after they were invented. By contrast, it took just 10 years for smartphones to become a part of people’s everyday lives. Likewise with mobile banking: launched less than 20 years ago, today around 80% of bank customers in developed economies use mobile as their primary banking channel.
White paper
Cut through the noise: 5 key considerations when selecting your payments platform
This impact study sets out the key considerations FIs must make to effectively deploy their strategy. From avoiding outdated assumptions, outlining clear objectives, steering clear of industry buzzwords, to asking the right questions, these fundamental tools will only assist financial organisations in their journey to enhance or transform their digital offering.
Let's talk about remote project delivery
Remote working is not a new trend and, here at Compass Plus Technologies, we want to assure you that we have many, many years’ experience of delivering successful projects remotely – regardless of your size or geography, we’ve got you covered.
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Future ready payments platforms - with Consult Hyperion
Compass Plus Technologies and independent global payments consultancy Consult Hyperion have joined forces to make industry professionals question whether payments platforms that are entering their fourth decade can truly meet their future business needs in a new white paper. Delving into the differences between payment platforms born in the 1990s and those developed and launched in the 2010s, the white paper focuses on how a newer platform can help financial institutions and fintechs compete in today’s market and long into the future.
White paper
The rise of the payments super app – a fad, or the future?
As consumer lives have become busier and digital access has improved in the last couple of years, a new trend has begun to emerge towards rebundling products and services again. The rising stars (and perhaps even the drivers for this change) are super apps. As aggregators of products and services, consumers see an advantage in super apps, since they offer ease, convenience and the chance to receive more personalised services and offers. The question is: will this be another trend that unravels in a few years’ time, or are super apps here to stay?
Expert review
PayX deep dives into Open Development Payment Platforms with an independent study into TranzAxis
A report from Compass Plus and internationally renowned payment specialists PayX takes a deep dive into TranzAxis, the Open Development Payments Platform from Compass Plus.
White paper
Optimising payment platforms for profitability & commercial success
This paper examines the integral role that payments will plat in this new landscape; discussing its pivotal function in building trust and loyalty to differentiate and gain a competitive advantage. It also explores how payment systems are uniquely placed to drive new revenue based services: and how their reengineering and customisation can unlock new profitability through improved efficiency, increased performance and optimisation of resources.