Model behaviour - Is your payments processor the right fit?

In the world of payments processing, the SaaS delivery model remains the undisputed champion in terms of popularity. However, it is widely unknown that not all SaaS models are created equal: in fact they vary significantly in their capabilities based on the payments platforms powering them.

“It is imperative for a FI to understand the technology that underpins their processor, otherwise it may find itself pinned under this technology in the future.”

Many FIs are unaware that the options to outsource span more than picking between the SaaS model they are on and the entirely different model of PaaS that they might not be ready for.

In our latest white paper with Consult Hyperion, we explore the capabilities and variations of processing service delivery models, how they differ and how a FI can select the most appropriate model – and processor – for its product portfolio. Download your FREE copy today.