The rise of the payments super app – a fad, or the future?

In the last decade, bundled products and services became broadly unpopular, with customers preferring to shop around for the best deal on each item. Whether it’s for financial services, utilities, telecoms or retail shopping, consumers are certainly still price-sensitive and want a good deal. But, as consumer lives have become busier and digital access has improved in the last couple of years, a new trend has begun to emerge towards rebundling products and services again. The rising stars (and perhaps even the drivers for this change) are super apps. As aggregators of products and services, consumers see an advantage in super apps, since they offer ease, convenience and the chance to receive more personalised services and offers.

The question is: will this be another trend that unravels in a few years’ time, or are super apps here to stay? Read our white paper to learn more.