The Payments Podbyte

Payments super apps: The value of onboarding vs developing your own
The move to mobile is accelerating and it’s pushing many organisations to either take another look at their mobile strategy, or develop one. We are fortunate to have our AVP, Market Development and Business Support, Bethan Cowper on today’s Payment Podbyte to share her insight on the role that payments super apps are likely to play in the increasingly mobile world we find ourselves in.
Why we chose PayX for an independent study into TranzAxis
We asked Bethan Cowper, AVP, Market Development & Business Support at Compass Plus, to give an insight into why we commissioned an in depth report into our open development payments platform, TranzAxis, with internationally renowned payments specialists, PayX.
Let's talk about remote project management
We asked Gary Dunsmore, Projects Director at Compass Plus, to answer some questions on how he and his team at Compass Plus are managing projects remotely through the global pandemic. Gary covers everything from interrupted zoom calls to projects going live during these strange times.