Will Pix replace cards in Brazil?
Since its inception, Pix has skyrocketed in popularity, challenging the dominance of cash and card markets. The numbers are staggering, with Pix's usage surging by 74% in 2023 alone, facilitating close to 42 billion payments across Brazil and surpassing the number of debit and credit card payments by 23% according to the country’s central bank. This growth has spurred intense speculation among banking and payment experts, raising the question: could Pix replace cards in Brazil?
Digital transformation and AI walk into a bar…
Many FIs are dipping an exploratory toe into the AI waters to see what else can be done to increase operational efficiencies and lighten the load. From compliance to code generation, recruitment to orchestration; nothing is off the table. According to a recent report, disruptive AI technologies can dramatically improve an FI’s ability to achieve four key outcomes: higher profits, at-scale personalisation, distinctive omnichannel experiences, and rapid innovation cycles. What’s not to like?
Empowering women at work: Our commitment to inclusivity
We spoke to some of our amazing colleagues to discuss how Compass Plus Technologies goes about tackling some of the action areas for this year’s 'Inspire Inclusion' initiative and to find out more about their unique experiences within the company.
How banks can leverage their existing credit portfolios to unlock the power of BNPL
Amidst the multitude of fintech providers targeting merchants, traditional banks stand uniquely positioned to serve consumers. Boasting substantial customer bases and long-standing relationships built on trust, banks are well-equipped to step into the BNPL arena.
The Fintech Power 50 Webinar | Paytech
Payments are an everyday facet of people's lives, whether you are a regular consumer, a business or beyond. And the industry is constantly working to innovate and create new and better ways to pay. In this webinar, we take a look at the disruption of the traditional payments ecosystem and the opportunities fintechs have taken to revolutionise the way people pay.
Beyond buzzwords: The underrated role of ATMs in modernisation
Amidst the noise for mobile apps, generative AI, and online account opening, there's a vital but often overlooked player in the digital transformation journey – the Automated Teller Machine.
Can we please stop talking about digital transformation?
Let’s face it, in the payments industry, digital transformation is all we know. It’s everything we’ve been doing in some form or another for the last however many decades.
Exploring Nigeria’s growing Islamic banking sector
Nigeria's Islamic banking sector presents a substantial opportunity for growth, enabling financial institutions to expand their portfolios and contribute to financial inclusion. Overcoming challenges such as low awareness and a shortage of experts is crucial for banks looking to position themselves strategically in this evolving sector. The local climate is poised for growth, the question is, are banks ready to take advantage of it?
The ultimate guide to Buy Now Pay Later: Unlocking the potential
Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is taking the world by storm, with banks and financial institutions looking to ride the wave of success in the space that fintech’s have pioneered. But where do they start? In this podcast, Paul Chandler discusses how banks can break through the crowded market and take action now, and the models they can follow to get there.
Who will win the BNPL race?
With its exponential growth and potential impact, buy now, pay later (BNPL) is not just a passing trend but a transformative force in the world of payments.