Why legacy payments platforms should stay in the past and not underpin your future
The word 'legacy' in the world of payments is typically used to reference the monolithic mainframes built 60+ years ago that surprisingly often still underpin some of the largest banks today. Industry experts, vendors and FIs themselves have used a multitude of forums over the last twenty years or so to denounce the shelf life of older platforms and their projected expiration dates in the modern payments world, yet legacy, in its many forms, still prevails.
Three ways to get the most out of your ATM: A spotlight on LAC
The culture surrounding ATMs in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region today is unlike those found in other markets, especially in comparison with Europe and the US, where ATMs are mostly used as cash machines for withdrawals, deposits and the occasional mobile top-up.
The flavours of SaaS
When you think about outsourcing your payments business, flavours are not the first thing that come to mind. Instead, it is the widespread and ‘standard’ definitions of the SaaS and PaaS deployment models that come to the fore. However, SaaS is no longer restricted to one ‘standard’ definition or ‘flavour’ and the understanding the majority of people have of this model and its capabilities is outdated …
In conversation with Consult Hyperion - Demystifying SaaS and PaaS: Is your processor guiding you to the right decision?
In our latest webinar with Consult Hyperion, our very own Maria Nottingham and Bethan Cowper sat down with Gary Munro to discuss our latest whitepaper; Model behaviour – is your payment processor the right fit?
Digital Banking: The biggest challenge facing FIs in South Asia
While the digital banking market in South Asia is undergoing an exciting period of change brought on, in part, by new technologies and initiatives, many FIs in the region are being weighed down by a lack of connected digital infrastructure and, as such, are struggling to keep pace with market demands.
Don’t be locked-down, locked-in or locked-out
The failure to address systemic weaknesses is leaving FIs at risk of limited customisation, with an inability to integrate with modern payments applications, and they are finding themselves tied-in and restricted by their vendors. Bethan Cowper, Vice President, Business & Market Development at Compass Plus Technologies discussed this with Payments, Cards & Mobile.
Banking trends in the Middle East & Africa in 2022
Alexey Osipov, Executive VP, MEA Managing Director & Adil Ahmed, Vice President & Deputy Managing Director, MEA, of Compass Plus Technologies, discuss on FinextraTV payments tech, rising vendor independence, eCommerce, and what’s going on in the Middle East & Africa banking & payments sector.
Why healthy tech partnerships should rank high on banks’ business strategy
In conversation with Finextra, experts from OakNorth Bank, Nationwide Building Society and Compass Plus Technologies elaborated on their experiences with maintaining strong technology partnerships, and the many opportunities and challenges that come with it.
Infographic: The mobile banking revolution
It's no secret that a mobile banking revolution has been sweeping across the globe. Many consumers have now adopted mobile as their primary banking channel and are demanding better digital experiences from banks. Inspired by the topic of our new white paper, our latest infographic explores this sentiment further, revealing the impact that mobile banking is having on the world at large and how consumers are now taking action to get better mobile experiences.
Can prepaid cards drive financial inclusion?
In recent years, there has been significant progress made towards financial inclusion. According to the latest data from the World Bank, more than 1.2 billion adults worldwide have gained access to financial services since 2011, and today 69% have a bank account. However, there is a long way to go, with close to one-third of adults (2 billion) unable to access financial services.