Why healthy tech partnerships should rank high on banks’ business strategy
In conversation with Finextra, experts from OakNorth Bank, Nationwide Building Society and Compass Plus Technologies elaborated on their experiences with maintaining strong technology partnerships, and the many opportunities and challenges that come with it.
Infographic: The mobile banking revolution
It's no secret that a mobile banking revolution has been sweeping across the globe. Many consumers have now adopted mobile as their primary banking channel and are demanding better digital experiences from banks. Inspired by the topic of our new white paper, our latest infographic explores this sentiment further, revealing the impact that mobile banking is having on the world at large and how consumers are now taking action to get better mobile experiences.
Can prepaid cards drive financial inclusion?
In recent years, there has been significant progress made towards financial inclusion. According to the latest data from the World Bank, more than 1.2 billion adults worldwide have gained access to financial services since 2011, and today 69% have a bank account. However, there is a long way to go, with close to one-third of adults (2 billion) unable to access financial services.
Technology as a driver for innovation in the Asian payments market
The payments landscape in Asia is diverse. With almost half of the world’s population calling the region home, and huge differences between cultures, it is understandable that meeting the needs of both consumers, merchants and financial institutions (FIs) is far from simple.
Keeping pace in the evolving Middle East and Africa payments market
The Middle East and Africa (MEA) is often reported as having one of the smallest payments markets in the world in terms of available services. Despite this, it is extremely fast-paced. This is, in part, due to the number of new disruptive players entering the market.
Are you being served?
Traditionally the word ‘underserved’ is reserved for the B2C sector of financial services, however, this terminology has become increasingly relevant to the financial institutions themselves, whereby they are being underserved by their technology partners. Underserved FIs often underserve their customers.
Payments 2021: how did we get here and where are we going?
It’s strange to think that 20 years ago, payments didn’t really exist as an industry in its own right. Fast-forward to the start of this decade and it’s a very different story – payments, banking, fintech, commerce (and much more) are all part of a thriving, complex, interwoven ecosystem.
A day in the life of an EVP
Ahead of International Women's Day, our Executive Vice President Maria Nottingham lets us in on a typical day in her busy work life
FF Virtual Arena: The Future of Payment Platforms
HSBC’s Brian McKenney, Compass Plus’ Paul Chandler and host, Doug Mackenzie, discuss the future of payments. Together, they diagnose some of the problems banks and payment platforms faced earlier in the pandemic and look at how the industry learnt from these.
A look back on 2020
2020 really has been the year that no one expected. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, there were other topics that kept us talking, distracting us as much as possible from the global lockdown.