Payments 2021: how did we get here and where are we going?
It’s strange to think that 20 years ago, payments didn’t really exist as an industry in its own right. Fast-forward to the start of this decade and it’s a very different story – payments, banking, fintech, commerce (and much more) are all part of a thriving, complex, interwoven ecosystem.
A day in the life of an EVP
Ahead of International Women's Day, our Executive Vice President Maria Nottingham lets us in on a typical day in her busy work life
FF Virtual Arena: The Future of Payment Platforms
HSBC’s Brian McKenney, Compass Plus’ Paul Chandler and host, Doug Mackenzie, discuss the future of payments. Together, they diagnose some of the problems banks and payment platforms faced earlier in the pandemic and look at how the industry learnt from these.
A look back on 2020
2020 really has been the year that no one expected. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, there were other topics that kept us talking, distracting us as much as possible from the global lockdown.
How will payments industry change in Europe? Real-time payments, open banking and APIs
As 2020 comes to a close, we asked our payments professionals worldwide about the changes they have seen this year to the payments industry, and how they envision these changes might shape the future.
The value of onboarding vs developing your own payments super app
In this edition of our Podbyte series we discuss super apps. From their success in the East and whether this can be replicated in the West, Kirsty Berry, Head of Global Marketing, and Bethan Cowper, AVP Market Development and Business Support, also weigh up the benefits of onboarding with a successful payments super app, versus developing your own.
Is your payments platform holding you back?
Since the first appearance of electronic payments and subsequent birth of the payments industry, we have seen a number of monumental shifts driven by the requirements that each new ‘era’ has presented.
First, second and third gen payments platforms - In conversation with Consult Hyperion
Can a payments platform born in the 1990s truly meet your business needs? And, more importantly, for how long? Compass Plus and Consult Hyperion joined forces to address this in an insightful webinar, which brings together experts from each company to explore the differences between payment platforms born in the 1990s and those developed and launched in the 2010s, and how the latter can transform your business, providing a platform that will meet the needs of today's market and tomorrow's unknown.
The DNA of a successful payments super app
What does it take to become a successful payments super app, and consumers' 'go-to' app?
Super app, or just another mobile payments app?
Scott Lane, Business Development Director at MobiCash, discusses the difference between a more simplistic mobile wallet and a payments super app, and what it takes to build a successful payments super app that will be the 'go to' app of choice.