First, second and third gen payments platforms - In conversation with Consult Hyperion
Can a payments platform born in the 1990s truly meet your business needs? And, more importantly, for how long? Compass Plus and Consult Hyperion joined forces to address this in an insightful webinar, which brings together experts from each company to explore the differences between payment platforms born in the 1990s and those developed and launched in the 2010s, and how the latter can transform your business, providing a platform that will meet the needs of today's market and tomorrow's unknown.
The DNA of a successful payments super app
What does it take to become a successful payments super app, and consumers' 'go-to' app?
Super app, or just another mobile payments app?
Scott Lane, Business Development Director at MobiCash, discusses the difference between a more simplistic mobile wallet and a payments super app, and what it takes to build a successful payments super app that will be the 'go to' app of choice.
Omnichannel banking, a myth or reality
Anatoly Kaptsan, VP & Chief R&D Officer at Compass Plus Technologies discusses the concept of omnichannel banking. Omnichannel is something that the industry has been discussing for years, but, particularly in banking, a true omnichannel experience is still a rare, almost mythical phenomenon.
Why we chose PayX for an independent study into TranzAxis, with Bethan Cowper
We asked Bethan Cowper, AVP, Market Development & Business Support at Compass Plus, to give an insight into why we commissioned an in depth report into our open development payments platform, TranzAxis, with internationally renowned payments specialists, PayX.
Could 2021 be the year of the payments super app?
Scott Lane, Business Development Director at MobiCash, speaks about how the demand for more seamless digital interactions is driving the payments super app trend.
Have the events of 2020 sped up the inevitable change of our payment habits?
We humans are creatures of habit. It is said to take just 21 days for a repeated task to become a habit. The past few months we have found ourselves with more time to create great habits to take forward with us into the future.
Life beyond legacy: assessing digital payments in the Middle East
2020 has undoubtedly seen the acceleration of digital payments globally and, alongside this, the need to ensure that your payments system can handle not only this shift, but also the unknown, has become even more relevant – writes Alexey Osipov, EVP & Managing Director, MEA at Compass Plus Technologies.
Sustainable plastic cards: just a trend or viable solution to environmental issues?
Did you know that the average weight of a plastic card is 5 grams and by the beginning of 2020, 5.6 billion payment cards were issued worldwide - the total weight of which was 28 million kilograms.
How the technology choices you make today can drive future success
Anatoly Kaptsan, Chief Software Architect, discusses the capabilities fintechs should look for when designing or buying a payments platform and how the choice of how they implement their platform today – whether to build, buy or a combination of the two - will affect the future of their business (page 31).