Open Banking – one year on…
A recent survey from Censuswide has revealed that, a year after its launch in the UK, consumers are still unaware of what Open Banking is - two-thirds of the 2,000 British consumers surveyed said they have never heard of Open Banking, while 20% had heard of it but could not explain it.
Consumers cautious of new banking technology
Results from the 7th Annual ING International Survey on attitudes towards financial technology were released this week and revealed that, despite a high demand for banking innovation, consumers are often hesitant when it comes to adopting it.
Germany: Cash still going strong…?
A study released by EHI Retail Institute suggests that, for the for the first time in the country’s history, card spending was more popular than traditional cash payments.
Privacy vs Perks: how much are consumers willing to share?
A recent study by Accenture shows that 6 in 10 consumers are willing to share more of their personal data with financial institutions in exchange for improved services and better deals.
Making contactless payments mainstream in the US
A recent report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston suggests that the conditions for the mainstream adoption of contactless payments are now aligned.
Mobile banking on the rise
The results of recent research by Smart Money People into UK consumers’ banking preferences revealed an increasing preference for app-based banking over all other channels: online, in-branch and telephone banking.
Are you positive?
According to Ethoca, the value of transactions falsely rejected by US card issuers in 2014 was $118 billion, of this value only $9 billion constituted actual fraud.
Pay it forward
In 2006, 62% of all payments in the UK were made using cash; by the end of 2016 this had fallen to 40% and by the middle of 2018, debit card had overtaken cash as the country’s favourite way to pay, with 3.5 million people stating they never use cash.
Is it too early for a cashless society?
The buzz around the cashless society concept has been growing for years. Almost every day there is a news story about bank branches closing at a fast pace, ATMs disappearing from the streets, shops and restaurants around the world going cashless.
Utilising the ATM to enhance customer experience
Despite the growth in the number of non-cash transactions in recent years, cash remains the most frequently used payment method in the US. Boris Demin, Vice President & Managing Director, Americas at Compass Plus Technologies, discusses how FIs can utilise the ATM to enhance customer experience.