Empowering women at work: Our commitment to inclusivity

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re embracing this year’s campaign to 'Inspire Inclusion'. This theme serves as a powerful reminder of the crucial role of inclusion in achieving gender equality, and calls for action to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create environments where all women are valued and respected. To showcase how we approach some of these issues, we recently spoke to some of our amazing colleagues to discuss how Compass Plus Technologies goes about tackling some of the action areas for this year’s initiative and to find out more about their unique experiences within the company.

Gemma Gollins, Head of Administration, HR Business Partner - “At Compass Plus Technologies we have a high percentage of women in leadership roles who have progressed from within the company, which can be inspiring during the recruitment process. We also offer many family-friendly policies and benefits to encourage a good work-life balance. I believe that people stay due to the culture of respect and inclusivity, and because we offer equal opportunities, equal pay and many opportunities for professional growth and career development.

I myself was recommended to apply for a position at Compass Plus Technologies by a friend for a role that was due to last 6 months. I immediately loved the culture, felt heard, valued, and respected and could see it was a great place to work with lots of opportunities for career development. This year, I’ll have been at Compass Plus Technologies for 7 years, and during my time I have been given the tools, training, support, and encouragement to develop my career in the direction I wanted.”

Lucy Toom-Smith, Marketing & Communications Executive“From day one at Compass Plus Technologies I have been encouraged to voice my ideas, take on new challenges, and contribute to projects. The company’s culture fosters open communication and mutual support, forming an environment where asking for help is encouraged and a sense of camaraderie amongst team members is created.

Being very early on in my career, I have greatly appreciated the ongoing training sessions and access to resources to aid with my development. The emphasis on continuous learning within the company has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.”

Erika Sabaliauskaite, Vice President, HR & Finance - “To support women in pursuit of leadership roles, businesses should take a multifaceted approach that addresses both systemic barriers and cultural norms. Businesses should create a supportive culture and foster an environment that values collaboration, inclusivity, and respect. We encourage open communication, provide opportunities for feedback, and encourage employees to voice their concerns and ideas. We believe that a supportive and inclusive culture can help everyone feel valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives.

It is also key to provide equal opportunities for advancement. Businesses must ensure that women have access to the same opportunities for career advancement as their male counterparts. At Compass Plus Technologies, we take a personalised approach to each individual's career development and are able to actively identify and support talented women within the business.

Finally, we believe in leading by example. We have a culture where women in prominent leadership positions are a norm, not an exception. In fact, a total of 56% of our leadership team are women, many of whom have progressed within the company and between them have an average length of service of 13 years. We value having a diverse team that shares a culture of trust, respect, and integrity.”

Alexandra Kochergina, Business Operations Support Officer“My journey into a senior role at Compass Plus Technologies has been both challenging and rewarding. Starting as a Partner Relations Manager in 2007 laid the foundation for my professional growth. As I progressed to Head of Partner Programs Division, I faced new responsibilities and doubts about my readiness, but my colleagues' trust and support helped me navigate these challenges smoothly. Transitioning to the role of Business Operations Support Officer brought entirely different experiences, yet once again, the supportive culture within the company enabled me to thrive. The atmosphere at Compass Plus Technologies fosters open communication and mutual support for everyone, allowing me to feel comfortable in expressing my opinions and seeking advice, contributing to my success throughout my time here.”

Erika Sabaliauskaite, Vice President, HR & Finance“When designing a work environment that meets the needs of a diverse workforce, businesses should focus on creating a supportive and inclusive culture that values respect and collaboration. At Compass Plus Technologies, we value the different perspectives of a diverse team and understand that it helps us truly innovate and make breakthroughs in the payments industry.  

There is also an increasing need for businesses to consider flexible work arrangements. By offering hybrid working, flexible hours, and part-time options, businesses can accommodate the diverse needs of employees, including those with caregiving responsibilities. Flexible work policies can help support women in balancing their professional and personal lives, enabling them to thrive in leadership roles. At Compass Plus Technologies, we understand that family comes first. We are proud of our family-friendly policies that support our team members and help them balance their work and family lives.

It is important that contributions and achievements in the workplace are recognised and appreciated. From regularly reviewed salary and performance-related bonuses to generous holiday allowance and length of service awards, we show our employees we value their work, effort, and loyalty.”

Sharene Kam, Office Manager – “My colleagues provide continuous support and encouragement in enhancing my skill set through resources such as online courses. Compass Plus Technologies consistently motivates me to pursue further self-development as well as offering flexible working hours to accommodate personal matters. This supportive atmosphere fosters a sense of belonging, making it feel more like a family than a typical workplace”

Gemma Gollins, Head of Administration, HR Business Partner - “At Compass Plus Technologies we believe that our employees are our best asset, and we continually seek ways to support them in their personal and professional development.

When it comes to education and training, we encourage every member of our team to grow in the direction that aligns with their individual strengths and goals. We understand the importance of continuous learning with all team members and encourage an active role in choosing training and development opportunities to help them achieve their goals. We facilitate this by creating a positive work environment with open communication, regular feedback and by recognising and rewarding team members who continue to grow and learn.”

Yasmine Saif, Sales Support Manager in MEA - “I have personally experienced high-quality training at Compass Plus Technologies. Through a combination of structured training sessions and continuous support, facilitated by effective management and teamwork, I have been able to enhance my skills and knowledge in various aspects of my role.

The training sessions provided by the company have equipped me with the tools and resources necessary to advance in my role and my career. Additionally, the ongoing support and guidance from my managers and colleagues has been instrumental in reinforcing the concepts learned during training and applying them effectively in real case scenarios.”