Processing services

Maximum operational flexibility and differentiation, whilst reducing the overall cost and operational overheads

Our next-gen, award-winning, trusted and proven payments platform, alongside our flexible deployment options, ensures that your organisation will remain current as your customers’ needs evolve and industry regulations change. You will be able to deliver the world-class service you want long into the future, without being at the mercy of typical vendor deployment limitations.

Work with a universal processing centre
Take control of your future
With Compass Plus Technologies, you are partnering with a company that will not hold your business back. We have the agility to support successful business growth and not limit it, in terms of products, services, geography, capacity, infrastructure or strategic vision.
Match your deployment option to your evolving strategy
Don’t lock yourself into a partnership with an expiration date
Our service offering consists of multiple and interchangeable deployment options that can transcend traditional SaaS into customisable SaaS through to PaaS and hosting, even adding software licenses into the mix should your business strategy evolve to require this.
Choose your level of vendor independence
Be as hands on or hands off as you want
With every deployment model available, you can enjoy a significant degree of vendor independence, control and operational flexibility, not typically available from other vendors in the market.
Partner with the experts
People are just as important as technology
Our processing centre is headed up by award-winning management, and for decades we’ve been commended for our ability to implement projects and for our partnership approach to how we work with customers.

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