Card scheme gateway service

Invest in scalable, high-performance, frictionless transaction processing

Whether you are an issuer or an acquirer, remove the headache of operating your own endpoints. Trust our expertise to look after your mission-critical, commodity-based operations, and let us deal with the compliance associated with card scheme mandates, guidelines and requirements, so you can concentrate on your core revenue-generating business activities.

Key features

Active-Active switch

Aligned with the business requirements of both issuers and acquirers, our high-performance transaction switching service ensures connections to Visa and Mastercard networks. Our gateway service facilitates the dynamic switching and processing of a wide range of transaction types originating from multiple channels across the two largest international payment networks. We can also work with you to extend this service to accommodate a variety of local networks so you can participate in wider payment ecosystems.

The service includes network monitoring, maintenance, technical support, and the provision of host-to-host connection to your issuing or acquiring system, as well as routing incoming/outgoing transactions and incoming/outgoing transaction files in accordance with card scheme rules.

Direct connection

In addition to Active-Active switch mode, we also offer an option for direct connectivity between your in-house systems and physical Visa and Mastercard endpoints in our processing centre. Depending on your requirements, our endpoints can be used either as primary or secondary endpoints.

What makes us different?

Universal processing centre
Grow your business in line with your strategy and don’t be restricted in terms of products, services, geography, capacities or infrastructure
Infallible performance
Ensure your mission-critical operations are run on a resilient, highly available, compliant, secure and reliable system
Reduce cost of ownership
Streamline your business and spend your money, time and resources on the value-generating services that grow your bottom-line
Proven expertise
Partner with experts who have extensive experience in providing complex processing services worldwide

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