TranzAxis User Group 2019: A look back

From 24 to 25 September, Compass Plus, an international provider of retail banking and electronic payments software to processors and financial institutions, hosted its third annual TranzAxis User Group (TXUG 2019) in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

TXUG 2019 was organised to bring together TranzAxis customers, prospects and partners from all over the world, from Brazil to Nepal. The two-day conference was kicked off by a keynote session from Steve Lomax, Senior Management Consultant at PayX International, who spoke about how the payments industry has evolved, the exploding Fintech ecosystem, and major trends and challenges that market players need to consider. Following the introduction, Compass Plus representatives took centre stage to talk in detail about the company’s roadmap, new product and features.

Compass Plus’ customers and partners – including Klarna, Diebold Nixdorf and KAL – also shared their experiences of working with TranzAxis and the unique projects they have implemented using the platform.

Compass Plus would like to thank all guests for attending TXUG 2019 and their interest in TranzAxis. We are looking forward to seeing you at future events!