Future-proof your business with an award-winning open development payments platform

At the core of everything we do is our award-winning, third-generation platform, TranzAxis, designed with innovation and the future in its very DNA. Described as visionary by PayX, TranzAxis is unlike any payments platform on the market. TranzAxis is not card-centric… it is token-based. It’s not cloud-ready… it’s cloud-native. It’s not API-enabled… it’s API-first. Cut through vendor noise and use technology that is fit for purpose in an ever-changing payments landscape, where the future is increasingly unknown.

Platform architecture

TranzAxis is a SOA-based, third-generation platform, with a layered architecture built on lessons from the past to withstand the complexities of the future, especially in terms of customisation, integration, payment instruments, and time-to-market. As such, it doesn’t need to use expensive, clunky wraparounds, integrations, and plug-ins to trick the system into being a future-proof environment capable of processing non-card transactions, operating in the cloud, realising the true power of APIs, and more.

The open development architecture of TranzAxis enables financial institutions to approach product development with a different mindset to an organisation suffering from the constraints of legacy platforms.

Customisation & innovation

TranzAxis is designed utilising modern IT concepts and development methodology with customisation as an inherent feature of the platform itself. Our third-generation platform provide a rich toolbox for users, which enables unparalleled levels of customisation including the ability to change the logic and behaviour of the system, and the support of new payment mechanisms and products. TranzAxis is made for the new payments world, allowing payments providers to develop and deploy at speed new features, payment flows, true omni-channel and take new ideas from concept to fruition.

Customisation is not something you do to a 3rd generation platform, it's something the platform is, including adding objects that the industry hasn’t realised the need for yet.


Not all APIs are created equal. TranzAxis has fully-functional, extensive, intuitive, well-structured and documented APIs that are built to last and support modern standards and technologies for integration. Our API-first platform supports hundreds of transactions, allows the management of numerous objects in the system, and enables seamless integration with your infrastructure. These extensive API capabilities ultimately automate and accelerate processes, increase efficiency, and help you create tailored and enriched products and services.

In the age of connectivity and integration, good APIs are not something you bolt-on, they need to be embedded into the DNA of any system.

Vendor independence

The architecture of TranzAxis allows FIs to customise and develop products independently by accessing the same developer tools we use as a vendor. You can take, reuse, apply, change, inherit and create new products, objects, workflows, system behaviours and interactions, all within days.

Vendor independence means something different to every organisation. By using TranzAxis, you can benefit from scalable vendor independence that is delivered in the right quantities at the right time for your business.

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