ATM acquiring service

Enhance your ATM and self-service channels

Our service enables FIs to turn a network of cash dispensers into a secure, lucrative customer relationship tool. The world is digital-first, but it’s not digital-only. Make your ATM network work for you with our next-generation service by using ATMs and kiosks as an access point for an array of digital services.

ATM acquiring service package — from our ATM Express service, a plug and play solution that provides you with the core essentials to help you control costs and enter the market quickly, to our ATM Pro service, which offers you the opportunity to truly customise and differentiate your ATM business in any way you choose; with access to multivendor software to increase functionality, competitiveness and ultimately, revenue.

Key features & value-adds

Transactions and services

Our ATM acquiring service provides banks and ATM deployers with the ability to offer more than a traditional self-service experience. On top of the complete set of conventional features, our service can be customized to allow you to truly differentiate your offering by creating an unlimited number of user-defined transactions to enable value-added services, and get more out of your terminal network.

Provide your customers with low and no touch banking experiences through cardless transactions; issue virtual prepaid cards; dispense multiple currencies and alternative media (tickets, vouchers, etc.); offer Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC); and more. Banks can also offer cash recycling and deposits and give customers access to an entire range of banking services, akin to internet and mobile banking; from making payments to applying for new products, withdrawing emergency cash or sending funds to peers using cash by code.

Scenario management

Our service has a set of off-the-shelf ATM scenarios which can be adapted to provide simple customisation from the get-go. To take this to the next level, with our unique customisation approach, you can also have tailored terminal scenarios. With no limit to the number or ingenuity of scenarios, personalised customer journeys can be created for each segment, making ATMs an integral part of your cohesive omni-channel strategy.

Advertise and cross-sell relevant products and services, dispense birthday cash gifts, reward specific behaviours, and much more, to retain customers and maximise return on investment. And as the only channel that allows a bank to directly interact with their competitors’ customers, targeted scenarios can be created to aid new customer acquisition.

Managing & monitoring

Our service provides you with the ability to effectively manage and monitor your self-service fleet, enabling your team to efficiently manage your network and quickly react to issues to ensure increased operational uptime. Our ATM acquiring service offers secure key management.

Gain increased visibility over your network with secure, remote, 24/7 monitoring to track system health, performance and load. Access to real-time ATM network status updates helps to identify and troubleshoot problems, whilst our notification system immediately alerts you to any performance issues or cash shortages.

APIs & integration

In the age of connectivity and integration, we offer an API-first approach to providing processing services, harnessing the power of our third-generation payments platform, TranzAxis. Our extensive and well-documented APIs ensure ease of integration into your broader payments ecosystem, helping you create unrivalled, tailored and enriched customer experiences.

Our service provides complete omni-channel banking with seamless integration into your digital channels, for example by allowing customers to securely register for internet and mobile banking at an ATM or kiosk. You can also connect to other partners to unlock extra revenue streams, for instance customers can purchase tickets via the channel. TranzAxis comes pre-integrated with multi-vendor software provider, KAL, and can easily integrate with other such providers to enable you to take control of your self-service network to reduce costs, increase functionality and improve competitiveness.

Fees & pricing

With our service, fee structures can be implemented to fit your business model - whether you are managing ATMs and kiosks in a single-institution or multi-institution environment. Whilst our service comes with a set of off-the-shelf fee structures, our advanced tools allow you to customise your pricing to meet your business requirements. You can look at your pricing strategy at a granular level, pricing not only every service, but also taking into consideration all attributes that define customer segments, whether pre-set or custom. For deployers who install ATMs at merchants and sub-merchants, complex fee structures can be created and managed, whilst, in a PaaS model, our inheritance tools enable prices to be set up and adjusted in a matter of minutes - quickly, easily and with complete vendor independence.

Reconciliation and settlement

Our value-added reconciliation and settlement service automates sophisticated funds settlement for financial institutions, including the support of industry-standard reporting and monitoring. It can help you easily detect discrepancies, such as replenishment errors, calculation errors, or settlement issues, within your ATM network. After classification, our service will notify the responsible team and enable discrepancies to be investigated, tracked and fixed, either automatically and/or manually. Information can be collected and analysed to check for any patterns.

Instant issuance

This value-added service supports the instant issuance of ready-to-use virtual cards via an ATM or self-service kiosk, and the issuance of physical cards at kiosks. Not only does it provide an exclusive customer experience, as the customer can immediately receive their card and PIN, but it also reduces risk and associated costs, and increases activation rates, card use and loyalty.

What makes us different?

Universal processing centre
Grow your business in line with your strategy and don’t be restricted in terms of products, services, geography, capacities or infrastructure
Return on investment
Get more out of your network by delivering value-added functionality with creative granular-level pricing, whilst increasing operational efficiency
Feature-rich customer experience
Utilise your ATM network to offer your customers a touch point that accesses the full range of features usually only available via internet and mobile banking
Proven expertise
Partner with experts who have extensive experience in providing complex processing services

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