Merchant acquiring services

Navigate the ever-increasing complexities of the crowded acquiring space

From POS acquiring and e-commerce, through to mobile payments, engage in unified commerce with our merchant acquiring service and ensure the best customer experiences across any channel – instore, in-app or online. Our services were designed for a modern world where card is no longer king and anything can be a payment method, driving profitability by offering unrivalled, granular merchant segmentation with fees and commission structures that are virtually unlimited.

We can support all merchant profiles, any transaction type, in any currency (including DCC), and provide you with a single view of your entire merchant acquiring portfolio.

Key features & value-adds

Merchant set up

Our merchant acquiring service covers the entire merchant lifecycle, from onboarding to settlement and payout. It gives you the ability to create tailored and attractive propositions to your merchants regardless of size, type, or industry. Whether you work with merchants directly or via a network of partners, our processing platform has unrivalled configuration capabilities and incorporates the creation and management of complex and unique merchant hierarchies with unlimited layers.

New merchant segments can be created based on existing ones by inheriting and subsequently extending, restricting and/or redefining their parameters. This approach enables the quick set up of new merchant groups, so you can be as reactive and proactive as you want in order to retain your competitive advantage and better cater for the market.

Payment gateway

Our mobile-first payment gateway service combines the native flexibility to quickly adapt to changing consumer preferences with a seamless payment experience and coherent brand identity, to ultimately drive conversions. By supporting both consumer-initiated and merchant-initiated payments, our service is designed for all online transactions, whether on the web or in-app; subscription-based, card-on-file, BNPL, pay-by-link and quasi-cash.

Our service comes with full support of 3DS2.2, offering a more consistent user experience across devices, rich data exchange to prevent fraud and reduce friction allowing you to authenticate high risk transactions with confidence, leading to a decrease in card declines and disputed transactions.

Payment acceptance

To meet the needs of merchants of any size and type, from tradesman to global and multi-national retailers, and enable them to accept payments anytime, anywhere, our merchant acquiring service can support all types of transactions, payment methods (from international and local cards to xPays and Open Banking), as well as any device or channel, and has the ability to quickly integrate with any payment network.

The service offers unlimited capabilities for multi-currency, multi-product, multi-institution and multi-language enabling the easy management of merchant portfolios across multiple geographies with a single view. Our DCC option enables your merchants to offer greater customer choice and transparency when making transactions.

Buy now pay later (BNPL)

With the multiple BNPL models supported, you can enable your merchants to expand their payment acceptance portfolio and increase their customer conversion rate. The most popular way to offer BNPL in the acquiring space is the at purchase off-card model, usually supplied direct-to-consumer. With this service, the advanced configuration options allow you to design instalment plans suitable to both your audiences – merchants and consumers. These plans can be tailored to offer different repayment breakdowns, including a percentage paid upfront, as well as various terms, credit limits, interest rates, fees, charges. We can also work with you to further customise your BNPL offering by assigning user-defined logic to your program. Alongside this, the service offers comprehensive merchant management and billing functions.

For more information, please see The ultimate guide to BNPL.

Fees & charges

Whether you require an out-of-the-box set of fees and charges, or something truly differentiating, our merchant acquiring service can fit your needs. With the most advanced tools in the market for setting up and managing complex fee structures, our service ensures you can price competitively for each of your market segments and ultimately enhance revenue streams by tapping into micro-segments or working with partner networks. On top of a standard set of acquiring fees, our service offers fixed, interchange+ and interchange++, as well as a multitude of additional fee calculation options. These include fixed fees that can be assigned to every single attribute (or combination thereof) available in the system, down to terminal location or merchant tax status; various service charges, such as set up of value-added services and activation/deactivation; dynamic fee and charge calculations based on, for example, transaction volumes, turnover, acquirer promotions; event-based calculations, including inactivity and sudden volume increases; as well as rules for applying multiple (chain) fees. We can also work with you to define merchant attributes unique-to-you and create tailored fee calculation algorithms. Coupled with inheritance tools, in PaaS mode, prices can be set up and adjusted in a matter of minutes - quickly, easily and with complete vendor independence.

Settlement & payout

Our service offers a set of standard features under both net and gross settlement models, alongside advanced configuration features that allow you to customise your payout strategy and set up settlements and payouts to meet the precise requirements of your business and the types of merchants you serve. Payouts can be in any currency and assigned any schedule depending on the merchant profile, have minimum and maximum thresholds, as well as be blocked/unblocked/delayed based on various specified factors such as risk level, payment method, country, etc.

Risk & fraud management

Using multiple layers of prevention and detection, our merchant acquiring service enables you to be proactive against malicious attacks and respond quickly to new fraud schemes. Our service has a set of off-the-shelf risk rules, including those to ensure you are compliant with international payment networks and other regulatory bodies at all times. Risk rules can be customised to suit your business requirements by adapting existing rules or by working with us to develop your own. This flexible approach will help you reduce fraud losses and significantly lower chargeback volumes.

Loyalty & rewards

Our value-added service enables the creation and management of an unlimited number of modern, diverse and innovative loyalty and rewards programs that can help your merchants attract and retain customers. The flexible nature of the service enables you to offer your merchants, regardless of size, the ultimate value-add of rewarding their customers for their loyalty. You can offer loyalty programs for different merchant segments, provide various bonus point calculation and redemption schemes, offer gift certificates, vouchers and discount codes, or even exclusive memberships with high-end benefits. Our service also enables the grouping of merchants based on various parameters to create loyalty networks with their own bespoke programs.

APIs & integration

In the age of connectivity and integration, we offer an API-first approach to providing processing services, harnessing the power of our third-generation payments platform, TranzAxis. Our extensive and well-documented APIs ensure ease of integration into your broader payments ecosystem, helping you create unrivalled, tailored and enriched merchant experiences.

What makes us different?

Universal processing centre
Grow your business in line with your strategy and don’t be restricted in terms of products, services, geography, capacities or infrastructure
Best-in-class merchant billing
Don’t be limited by standard services on the market, harness the power of a third-generation platform and unlock your true earning potential
Unrestricted merchant hierarchies
Better cater for the market by working with us to create the most advanced and unique merchant hierarchies with unlimited layers
Proven expertise
Partner with experts who have extensive experience in providing complex processing services worldwide

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