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Why push boundaries that shouldn’t even be there? Unlike other processors, we don’t just push the limits of innovation, we remove them. We support successful business growth in terms of products, services, geography, capacity, infrastructure and strategic vision.

Key features & value-adds

Card & token lifecycle management

From physical to virtual, gift to gold, simple to highly-differentiated, with our issuing services any card type, token, alternative payment instrument or emerging payment technology goes. In addition to easily modifying existing product templates, you can create, define, control and launch your own issuing product portfolio with a unique set of flexible fees, restrictions and limits, and multi-currency options. This approach enables you to create products quickly and significantly speed up time-to-market regardless of deployment model.

We provide connections to Visa and Mastercard for a wide range of digital payment methods. We can work with you to accommodate payment instruments offered by UnionPay or local networks to meet your business needs.

Buy now pay later (BNPL)

As part of our issuing services package we also offer BNPL, an increasingly popular alternative payment method. With the post-purchase off-card model, the quickest route to entering the BNPL space, your customers can make purchases in their usual way (via cards or accounts) and once the payment has been made, they can opt to convert any eligible transaction into instalments. The purchase amount is subsequently returned to the customer’s account and they can begin to make repayments.

The card-linked model takes your BNPL offering to the next level by enabling even quicker access to instant finance via a BNPL card, whether your customers are shopping in-store, in-app or online. Our service enables you to issue single- or multiple-use cards, either physical or virtual, before, during or after purchase. To a merchant these cards present like any other payment card, giving your customers access to a wider acceptance network for BNPL payments.

With this service, instalment plans can be configured to offer different repayment breakdowns, including a percentage paid upfront, as well as various terms, credit limits, interest rates, fees, and charges. You can designate different plans to different transactions based on your pre-defined parameters. We can also work with you to further customise your BNPL offering by assigning user-defined logic to your program.

For more information, please see The ultimate guide to BNPL.

Fees, commissions & pricing

Our issuer processing service ensures there is no limit to your pricing strategy. We offer unparalleled tools for setting up and managing complex fee structures, ensuring you can price competitively for each of your market segments and ultimately enhance revenue streams by tapping into micro-segments. Fees, commissions and tariffs can be fixed, variable, mixed, or calculated based on user-defined algorithms for both transactions and services. Our inheritance tools enable prices to be set up and adjusted quickly and easily and, in PaaS mode, with complete vendor independence.

Risk & fraud management

From using a comprehensive library of predefined fraud rules, to creating your own rules using the power our leading payments platform, TranzAxis, this service can help you mitigate risk and significantly reduce the cost of fraud. You can detect and react to fraud threats in real-time, view transactions at a granular level, and reduce the costs associated with fraud, chargebacks and dispute management without compromising customer experience. You can also offer your customers a smarter, safer way to pay online with our 3DS service.

Loyalty & rewards

Our issuing service enables the design and management of an unlimited number of modern, diverse and innovative loyalty and rewards programs that can help you attract and retain customers. You can reward your customers for the specific behaviours you want to encourage, such as signing up for more products and services, increased spending, referrals, renewals, responsible banking habits – the list is endless. Tailor your loyalty programs for different customer segments using partner reward programs, cashback options, bonus point redemption, exclusive memberships with high-end benefits, or even sweepstakes to boost customer relationships. Our extensive APIs allow easy integration with any system, enabling you to take advantage of lucrative loyalty programs with partners.

Instant issuance

Our service supports the instant issuance of ready-to-use physical and virtual cards in-branch, via a self-service kiosk, at an agent branch or in-app provisioning (for virtual cards). Not only does it provide an exclusive customer experience, as the customer no longer needs to wait to receive their card or PIN, but it offers reduced risk and costs, increases activation rates, card use and loyalty.

APIs & integration

In the age of connectivity and integration, we offer an API-first approach to providing processing services, harnessing the power of our third-generation payments platform, TranzAxis. Our extensive and well-documented APIs ensure ease of integration into your broader payments ecosystem, helping you create unrivalled, tailored and enriched consumer experiences.

What makes us different?

Universal processing centre
Grow your business in line with your strategy and don’t be restricted in terms of products, services, geography, capacities or infrastructure
Advanced customisation
Create products and services that meet your unique requirements, limited only by your imagination, not by your vendor
Speed to market
Respond quickly to market changes and customer demands, and enjoy all the advantages of being a market leader
Proven expertise
Partner with experts who have extensive experience in providing complex processing services worldwide

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