Asia Pacific partnership offers FIs a future-proof solution for all their payment needs

Compass Plus further strengthened its partnership with Stratus Technologies in Asia Pacific with the announcement of the successful stress testing of TranzAxis using Stratus ftServer®. The testing was completed using TranzAxis, the next generation Open Development Payments Platform from Compass Plus, and Stratus ftServer, a fully integrated, continuously available platform for running business-critical workloads.

The testing aimed to determine how TranzAxis performs when used for online transaction processing on Stratus platforms in a close to real-time test simulation. As part of the simulation, the solution responsiveness and stability were tested under different workloads, whilst investigating, validating and verifying other key attributes, such as scalability and reliability. Both parties are extremely pleased with the results and are proud to offer a fully-tested, future-proof and proven hardware and software solution to financial institutions (FIs) and other payment service providers across the Asia Pacific region.

"Customer focus has always been a lynchpin of Stratus' success. We pride ourselves in creating Edge solutions that simplify, protect and automate our customers' digitally transforming business-critical operations," said Lin Hoe Fong, Managing Director – ASEAN, India and Emerging Markets at Stratus Technologies. "In using our ftServer to help companies maximise revenue, quality, and productivity, we believe that together, Compass Plus and Stratus can offer a solution that supports FIs in their quest to be competitive at the forefront of the payments market."

"Compass Plus carries out all testing in environments that closely imitate the variables that occur in real-life, in order to replicate how the system responds in various situations. With intensive transaction periods becoming more and more common, there is an increased requirement for an FI's payment infrastructure to remain stable at higher capacities for longer," said Sergey Putenikhin, VP & Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Compass Plus. "We are pleased that together with Stratus Technologies we can offer a solution that is reliable, customisable and affordable, and one that can meet the requirements of any FI in the region."