Compass Plus offers something for everyone after adding support for Oracle Standard Edition

As part of its long-term business strategy to provide solutions for customers of all sizes, from established tier 1 financial institutions to small Fintech enterprises, Compass Plus has added support for Oracle Standard Edition to its cloud-native open development payments platform, TranzAxis.  

With many FIs around the globe looking at ways they can reduce their operating costs, without compromising on performance, Compass Plus set out on a project to provide their customers with options that would enable them to do just that. Oracle Standard Edition is a proven and industrial-scale database management system that combines a lower total cost of ownership, compared to other databases, with having all of the features required to manage many small to mid-sized projects. 

While it is known that Oracle Standard Edition has some limitations, the project saw Compass Plus thoroughly test the system to understand these and ensure it knew how to address them in order to minimise impact on any projects using the database. TranzAxis provides several options to support deployment in different environments. For example, the Application Encryption option enables a customer to stay compliant with the latest security requirements, while data maintenance procedures keep the database performance in control in view of the absence of the partitioning option in Oracle Standard Edition.

“At Compass Plus, we care about every customer, regardless of size, and are always looking for ways that we can support them and their business strategies and growth plans going forwards,” said Evgeny Kolochkov, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating & Process Officer at Compass Plus. “By adding support for Oracle Standard Edition to our database arsenal, we can provide our customers with another option that is cost-effective, and we will continue to expand the range of supported database management systems from our trusted partner Oracle.”