Compass Plus supports Amazon RDS in cloud-native TranzAxis

To enable its customers to fully take their cloud strategies to the next level, Compass Plus has supported Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) in its cloud-native open development payments platform, TranzAxis.

AWS RDS manages database servers for its users, enabling them to significantly reduce not only the burden of database administration, but their operating costs for database management too. As well as being cost-efficient, it provides autoscaling that enables payment providers to accommodate changing processing volumes without being hindered by hardware, while automating time-consuming administration tasks, thus freeing up the time and resources of payment providers to allow them to focus on their core business and development strategies.

“The extreme scalability and agility cloud-based environments offer, alongside support for quicker innovation and a lower cost of ownership, means that more and more payment providers are turning to cloud-based infrastructures to help grow their business now and drive their strategy well into the future,” said Maria Nottingham EVP at Compass Plus. “TranzAxis isn’t just ‘cloud-enabled’, it is cloud-native so is primed to take full advantage of everything cloud-based infrastructures offer. Our mission is to take full advantage of the ever-increasing technological advancements available on the market today. Unlike many legacy systems, TranzAxis allows our customers enjoy these developments to the full – AWS RDS is just one of the examples.”

Hailed as “a visionary product” by industry experts PayX (Spring 2020), TranzAxis was purposefully built to enable innovators to innovate. The cloud-native nature of the platform provides FIs with the confidence and flexibility to experiment and truly drive innovation, enabling them to launch products and services tailored to their customers quickly, whether a specific segment or wider audience (and painlessly dispose of them if they don’t work out).