TransBank migrates its entire CMS on to Compass Plus Technologies platform in just 2 months

TransBank, one of Mongolia’s pioneer banks, has successfully migrated its card management system to TranzAxis, an award-winning payments platform from Compass Plus Technologies. TransBank’s decision to migrate its card management system to TranzAxis was driven by its desire to bring its card operations in-house, empowering the bank to independently develop and launch customer-centric card products and services at greater speeds.

Over the past 26 years, TransBank has established itself as one of Mongolia’s leading institutions, and identified that in order to maintain this position, it needed to transition away from its previous card management solution that ultimately could not deliver the customer-centric products the bank was seeking to offer. After conducting a thorough search of the market to find a reliable solution that could enable it to overcome these constraints, TransBank decided to utilise TranzAxis, significantly reducing its time-to-market for new card products and services whilst strengthening the security of its customer’s transactions.

The project was delivered smoothly and ahead of schedule in just two months, marking the complete installation and configuration of the new card management system, the complete migration of TransBank’s Visa, UnionPay and domestic debit and credit cards, and the activation of customer cards in the production environment.

"We are delighted to have partnered with Compass Plus Technologies to deliver this project," said Gantulga Tserenlkham, Vice president in New projects at TransBank. "The transition to an in-house card management system has significantly enhanced our ability to meet the evolving needs of our customers. TranzAxis offers us the freedom to develop tailored card products and services, positioning us for continued success in Mongolia’s competitive banking landscape. Right from the start of the project, their team of experts demonstrated a profound comprehension of our present circumstances and future objectives, and we looking forward to working together to achieve them."

"We are delighted to collaborate with such a forward-thinking business like TransBank and support the delivery of their vision," commented Nikolay Korovin, Sales Account Manager at Compass Plus Technologies. "With the support of TranzAxis, the bank can now confidently deliver innovative card products that meet the ever-changing requirements of their customers. We look forward to helping TransBank expand its market presence and deliver exceptional services to its customers."